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Garrett Knudsen for Edina School Board

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Hello, Edina!

I am a resident of Edina with two children enrolled in the public school system here (I attended Creek Valley Elementary myself!). I’ve lived in several cities across the United States and Europe, but Minnesota has always called me back and will always be my home.

I’m an academic archaeologist and anthropologist, with decades of original field work and publications focused on long-term human-environment interactions in Alaska and elsewhere. I’ve also held museum posts as curator and director in San Diego and Saint Paul, where major focus was always paid to educational programming.

Currently, I own an environmental consulting business with my brother, Jon, primarily offering services to companies in the Energy Sector — including Solar, Pipeline, Wind, and Oil&Gas industries — across the United States.

I was originally motivated to run for Edina School Board out of some old-fashioned sense of civic duty. I have no long-term political aspirations; I simply want to see Edina Schools continue to thrive. Although this seems like it should be a straight-forward, unifying goal, I’ve learned quickly that the Edina School Board is a political obstacle course with some unproductive entrenchment! I think I can help.

Garrett's work on the Edina School Board will be guided by three main principles:

Work for moderation and compromise in the trenches of a polarized school board in order to advance common sense ideas that are in the best interests of all students and the community.

Scale back indoctrination embedded in school curriculum where possible — with input from teachers — since this can be divisive and detracts from teaching students more modern and worldly skills such as critical thinking, technological fluency, and bias detection.

Streamline and facilitate contributions from Edina parents, guardians, and community members who have experiences and skills that can enhance the Edina School experience for everyone; further, incentivize adult involvement in student learning outside of the classroom.

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